It is what it is

It is what it is
and no matter how s**t it might get I’m going to fight for what’s mine – my life.

In the grand scheme of things I might not ever be grand.
I’ll never find the cure for the cancers that hurt my family and friends. I’ll never travel in space or put an end to world hunger. I’ll never publish a groundbreaking novel or write a symphony. I’ll never get over some of the things that have happened to me,
not really,
not completely
because they have made me who I am today.

They have made me into the one that writes away on this page.

I might not ever raise a family. I might not travel the world and drink in the cultures of other countries. I may never taste lychees. I might not get that dream house; that dream job; that fairy tale happily-ever-after but I will seize
every tear,
every smile,
every blissful snippet of laughter.

I may never be, in the grand scheme of things, grand.

I’ll never invent anything special. I’ll never run for prime minister. And I’ll probably never cook a full roast dinner, without getting distracted and burying my nose in a book and burning something in my attempt to cook. I’ll never sing to a captivated audience of thousands. I’ll never not question my own choices or question where I stand in the grand scheme.
It is what it is and it will always be the hurried roll out of bed followed by a scolding cup of tea; the yawn as I walk my dog; the cough that I force to cover up the near frantic panic of tears that threaten to come. . .

[unfinished/work in progress]


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