Snippet from ‘Exorcist’


I announced my arrival into the speaker, promptly waving at the pin-head sized camera just above. After being buzzed in I met the glare of the fairy at the front desk.
She was sat on top of a heap of books. If she had of stood she would have been barely a foot off of the ground. Fairies appeared to be delicate creatures, almost doll-like. This particular one had bright red hair fashioned into tight curls, sparkling blue eyes and skin like porcelain. Her wings caught what little light there was in the room and it danced into my eyes.
They look so cute when they’re not frowning, or talking, or trying to kill you, or in their true form . . .

I beamed at her, trying not to show my fear. You do not want to get on the wrong side of a fairy. Of course, me being me, on a job a few years back I did exactly that. I managed to ‘accidentally’ ruin one of their holy places. It was just a bunch of stones but I needed the thing buried beneath them. They hadn’t forgiven me then and they certainly haven’t now. And they like to remind me every so often.

I walked through reception, moving quickly to the door, opening it as fast as I could. When I shut it behind me I double checked that I still had all of my fingers.

Fairies can be a little playful sometimes.

And by playful I mean hungry.


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