Just a tribute to a dream.

Not that long ago I re-read The Fellowship of the Ring and for some reason I haven’t been able to get Bilbo’s I sit beside the fire and think song out of my head since.

In a dream bits of the song came back to me with different words.
They were sung by a woman in a gown of green, she had silver hair down to her waist and she was sat beside a fire in a woodland cottage, holding a tome to her chest . . . Sadly I cannot recall the words. The jist of the first and last stanza I can vaguely remember and it was something like the following (but it wasn’t, this is just a tribute).

First stanza:

I sit beside the fire and think
on a world I no longer know.
The trees grow grey, the sun grows dim
and the rivers no longer flow.

Last stanza:

Many a year has passed me by,
some think the world forever changed
but I tarry on till I die
in hope of better, brighter days.


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