Night hawk

My poem was originally written in 2008 during a college class as a direct response to Hopper’s painting. This is the edited/revised version of the poem.


Nighthawks by Edward Hopper (Oil on canvas) 1942

You sit and sip
your second double
as the jukebox plays
the broken melodies of yesterday,
reminding you why you’re here drinking
and drowning your sorrows in the first place.

The woman in red
sat alone in the corner
sings along with the song,
reminding you of your woman in red
and where and when everything went wrong.

You recall how you both danced the night away
and how her smile would light up the whole room.
You remember how she laughed and the smell of her perfume.
You feel your eyes begin to sting and your face begins to feel warm.
You consider that you haven’t got what it takes to weather through this storm.

You shake the pale memories away.
You know what you’ll do next,
because now it is what you know best
but the woman in the red dress comes over
to save you the trouble and you remark how softly
she speaks when she says “Bartender, he’ll have another double”.



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