Snippet from ‘Exorcist’

‘So, what job could possibly be so dangerous, that the great Helena Swan would call me for help?’
‘You might want a drink first. Whiskey? No ice, right?’ She smiled.
‘You know me so well.’ I smiled back.

I should have just kissed her.

It was actually three whiskeys later before Helena took a sip from her fourth glass of wine and began discussing the job.

‘It’s dangerous,’ she said rather ominously. ‘And you don’t have to do it Harry but I really don’t know who else to turn to.’
‘Go on.’
‘I have been asked by The Council to hire someone to go to The Ether Valley-‘
‘The Ether Valley? You said dangerous, not suicide mission!’ I barked over her.
‘I know Harry. I know that it’s asking a lot but just listen for a moment please.’ Her s’s were all over the place. She threw back the last of her wine. I nodded. She hiccuped and poured herself another glass of wine. With a click of her fingers my glass was full of whiskey again. I took a quick gulp. ‘The Council want someone to go into Ether Valley to apprehend an individual. This individual should be dead and buried but they have somehow managed to rise again. And they have possessed someone quite important.’
‘It’s never good when the dead walk.’ I sighed. ‘Who is it and whose body are they using as a puppet?’

Everyone has a thing. This was mine. Give me a possession any day of the week, I’m the guy for the job. Just don’t ask me to deal with cursed objects though, not after what happened with Jack the Ripper’s diary. There are some things a person should never see.

‘The daughter of a rather prominent Council member.’
‘Who’s daughter?’ As I said this I remember thinking don’t say it, don’t say it Helena.
‘Crowley’s daughter.’ God dang it alright, she went and said it. ‘It gets worse.’
‘The job has the words Ether Valley and Edward Crowley’s daughter in it and it gets worse? Oh fu-.’ I gulped a few mouthfuls of my whiskey to prepare myself. It didn’t work.

Helena sighed and turned away from me. I waited to hear the name that was worse than Crowley.  And then Helena said it, the three words that changed everything:
‘Harry, its Loki.’


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