Put on a happy face


Our alabaster lies are wrapped with invisible silk.
They dress the wounds we chose to hide from prying eyes.
Do not let them get to us.
Do not let the pain show through.
Do not, do not, do —
Do not make a fuss
Smile dear,
and let us clap our hands together.
I’d say it was to spur the fairies into existence,
that the figments of fantasy are needed
now more than ever
but truly
it is because only we can hold our own hand.
Only we can put ourselves back together for this dance.
In this game of life
only you, only I,
can get us through this.

*Author’s Note:
This was a written as a response to my other poem Smile like you mean it


2 thoughts on “Put on a happy face

  1. emotionalspaces says:

    The disguises and the masks we wear intentionally or otherwise…. It’s said every writer has two sides, one seen, one unseen. I try and show the in-between. 😀
    P.S. I love “Alabaster lies”. Great choice of words. Very well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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