Tuesday’s Tune #1

I have decided to create this Tuesday’s Tune post to share music with you lovely people.

I cannot say that I am a fan of any genre of music in particular as I listen to a varying number of different artists/bands/etc.

Today’s song is something that I love for its lyrics. I stumbled on it a few months ago and it is one of those pieces that, as an aspiring writer, you listen to it and go wow, I wish I’d wrote that.

I ❤ The Glass Child.

You knew that I would fall for, fell for you
Did you see the way I fought for you, changed for you?
Never knew that love could be
this much pain and misery

And you know that I would stick to you, die for you
And the ways that I relied on you, needed you
You used to see same in me.

Am I never gonna see you cry now
Am I never gonna ask you why, no
Am I never gonna hold you tight
when you’re on your knees

(from The Fall by The Glass Child (a.k.a Charlotte Eriksson)


Lyric video for the The Fall by The Glass Child


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