In pieces I wake to another day of not quite the same. These pieces of poetry portray the insecurities of a woman pulling herself free of forever feeling as though she's wading through tar. It is time to simply walk, one foot after the other towards a new start. These pieces that I'm shedding are … Continue reading Metamorphosis



We all have our vices sins that are stitched into our skin desires that drive our dreams longings that linger in our lonely moments of reflection inhale and take it back fingers wrap around the answer to today as the lips kiss goodbye to yesterday and the heart makes a start at repairing for tomorrow … Continue reading Vice

Sorry (An update)

Just a quick update. I have been quiet, both posts wise and following wise. I hope to re-start my involvement with WordPress this weekend by reading your lovely blogs. Sorry I haven't been around guys, I haven't been too well lately.