ThrowBack Thursday: Evocation

Little things evoke memories of bigger things –tragedies and bad days. I see one red-breasted robin and I’m too far gone –drowning in memories of yesteryears,failing to see the way out. I feel the weight of words from your still mouthhit my chest like a cannonball.The last things I’ll hear you say. I see one red-breasted... Continue Reading →

The Cadence of my Non-Compliance

I was mistaken, misled even - thanks to misinformation. I was misunderstood. I misrepresented the misuse of my misery. I mistreated myself - misruled the misfit fighting against mistakes in place of truth. Now I am 'mister listen here.' You fault my sex because I have a womb and two breasts. Do not dismiss my... Continue Reading →

Features of Interest

Feeling like dust waiting to be distributed you assault the decanter, repeatedly. You need the drink. You applaud the spectacle through gritted teeth. The ghosts we make for ourselves throw you into a sort of turbulence - in to deep waters where you think about how abhorrent emotion can be. What made you like this?... Continue Reading →


Tittering on the edge of stardust my lips are stitched shut. I cannot abide the fire behind my eyes that is tainted by the intrusion of your face. My hands rise into the air, trying to catch hopes but it’s like trying to snatch smoke. And so I clutch at the empty night, teetering on... Continue Reading →


Embodiment of acrid memory harpoons the heart till the arteries snap like broken violin strings moaning in melancholy as the rain streams towards the drains of the gutter I left my old mind in. I do not pretend to hold pretences close to my chest but my head still thinks they are my best bet.... Continue Reading →

Perception check

I’m not sure my glasses fit my face any more. And I’m not sure I can take them slipping down my nose any more. Sure, we grow out of most things and some things just slip away. To cast a light on life and all the things in it you need to be able to... Continue Reading →


First come the dancing flames, bowing with the wind. A protracted shiver, like an electric shock, dances through your spine. Oh please, yes, do struggle for the world lives on needless bloodshed. Stone and sacrifice, followed by a golden glow and your heart lurching into thunder. Picture taken from Pixabay. You can find it here.

The Weight of Waiting

The itch between your palms reminding you of indecision and the inability to express the loss of having a handle on the brakes. The burning tip of your tongue holding the last ounce of truth as you bite down and savour it, save it for when you are ready to face it. But not today.... Continue Reading →

Getting there slowly

Well this week I have been off from work on annual leave and for the first half of the week I was active. I visited family and friends, got myself outside, read my books and engaged in some retail therapy. On Thursday the latest 'flare up' hit and I've been taking it easy since. I... Continue Reading →

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